About me – well, it has been one hell of a ride thus far. How did a girl from Canada find herself living in five countries in eight years and remain (somewhat) sane?

It started with a wish and a prayer for adventure as a teenager and has turned into a lifelong passion for living abroad, pushing myself beyond my comfort zone and exploring the places that peek my curiosity. When I was sixteen I moved to Germany on a youth exchange and have since then geared my education and career choices towards opportunities to live overseas. These experiences make me well aware of the incredible opportunity and wonderful moments that living in a new place brings: these experiences are composed of the interesting people met, the thought-provoking conversations had and the moments of sheer awe (being at the source of the Nile river in Ethiopia stands out as one). I am also equally familiar with the challenges and tough moments that living far from family, friends and what you know brings with it.

The Expat Coffee blog offers the fabulous opportunity to open up about the good, the bad, and the ugly of it all and to read about the experiences of others who walk in very similar shoes. As a bit of a wanderer, it is always good to reflect on what I’ve observed and absorbed over the past eight years and to listen to the insights of others.

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