When I was offered a job in London in March 2016, I thought to myself that I had reached all of the goals I had set myself! The question then is how did I end up in Taiwan instead? Well, I think that was my adventurous side coming out. I had moved to London in September to study and was already itching for a new challenge. This time, I wanted to learn Chinese and Taiwan felt like the perfect place to do so. It may also be that I felt that this was my last opportunity to do something a bit crazy on my own. As a political science junky, learning about new places and people is really my thing.

So then why did I start this blog? Throughout these experiences abroad, it is essential to take a step back to better understand what we are going through and how to deal with them. This blog allows me to do just that. It is also important for me to try and fill the gap in the blogosphere when it comes to young professional expat women. There are already significant challenges for young female professionals. Adding the expat life into the mix only makes things more complicated (and interesting).

I’m particularly interested in discussing experiences abroad, managing a burgeoning career, married life (yes, I’m married), and currently being a solo female expat. I think that there are several myths to be debunked about what it means to live abroad and that it is necessary to go beyond the usual pretty travel pictures. A broader look is necessary to truly understand what this kind of life entails and that, my new friends, is what I will try to do.

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