What Is This All About?

Pano4.jpgWhat does it mean to be a young female expat professional? How do you navigate initial planning stages to then leave behind friends, family, and everything you’ve gotten used to? How do you forge a career abroad and make meaningful connections with locals?

To be completely honest, we’re still trying to figure it all out. That’s why we’re inviting you to join an eclectic group of seven women as we explore different parts of the globe. It can be stressful for women to navigate foreign cities and professions and when choosing this lifestyle, you face endless questions about future plans, your romantic ties and pressure to ‘settle down’. We’re carving out a path that hasn’t been set before us and therefore wanted to explore the exhilaration of being where it is in the world you want to be, as well as the abject terror.

We focus on topics about our career and how international opportunities can both help and hinder. We also cover the topics of choosing to foster a long-distance relationship, deciding to travel with a partner, or going solo as well as adjusting to life in a new culture while still trying to maintain our sense of wonder. We also explore the restlessness of travel and how to decide when/if the time is right to go home (wherever that is).


It’s a privilege to live a nomadic lifestyle, to be able to pick up our lives and take them across the seas and follow the opportunities that take our fancy. But the process of getting there can be hard. We talk about how we took the plunge and give advice on the journey that takes place way before take-off. We hope to define for ourselves what it is that makes our time away from home a success or failure, share our insights about finding your feet in a new locale, and to reassure women who want to embark on a life on the other side of the world that they aren’t alone.