Getting ready to go home

This weekend I had to say goodbye to one of the closest friends I made in Taiwan. We spent all of the most memorable moments here together. Waving goodbye to her from the other side of the barricade, waiting for the metro to come was the hardest thing for me to do. Seeing her with all of her suitcases packed made me want to go home and pack too. Maybe if my bags are packed that will mean that I’m going home as well. I’m not saying that I am not enjoying myself here, I just know that the life that I created is slowly slipping away. Over the past few months, my closest friends have gone home, leaving me as the last remaining member of our little group. You are probably thinking, why don’t you make new friends. Well, it isn’t that easy. I have friends with whom to meet for dinner and drinks, but not the kind of friends that I can call when I need some advice or a moral boost.


With about a month left before I head to China and then back to the UK, it’s getting harder and harder to live in the moment and make the most of my time here without thinking about going home. Weekends are the hardest time for me. During the week, I am so busy doing homework and going to class that I have no time to think about home. On the weekend however, I like to have some time to myself and catch up on homework. This also means that I have more time to think about the people and things that I miss.

I have to admit that I seriously considered changing the calendar on the wall from April to May. I know that I’m a week early, but maybe if the calendar says that it’s May, time will fly faster. Thomas constantly corrects my estimations over the time that I’ve spent here and the time that I have left. I like to underestimate remaining time as a way to encourage myself and tell myself that home is just around the corner.

I know that this all sounds a bit depressing, but it is the weekend and I’m in my usual rut. Come tomorrow, I’ll be back in my general routine and I’ll have forgotten all of my woes.


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